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To bring innovation and ingenuity to clients by creating immutable and user-friendly applications using trailblazing technology.


To redefine the bond between Mankind and the Digital world by introducing new methods and approaches.

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What is Blockchain ?

A blockchain is a digital ledger chronologically updated and distributed with cryptographic security. It can be contrasted with a linear chain of blocks in which each block stores and connects to another block, where all participants share the network.

Advantages of Blockchain

OUR Services

Over the coming years, the way companies conduct business across the blockchain will change - and we are the game-breaker.


We provide Blockchain services to ensure a secure, shared and distributed database for all transactions.

Track & Trace

Our platform allows the customer to trace the flow of various drugs and medicines across the supply chain, aiding the fight against counterfeiting and reducing fraud. Anyone can view the complete history of medicine from the blockchain guarantying complete transparency.

Verified Certificate

We offer Certificates by cerificateOK to validate the authenticity of every Manufacturer and Medicine registered on our platform.

Enhanced Security

Blockchain is immutable. All transactions are cryptographically secured on blockchain. Once data is stored on our platform, it cannot be modified.

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